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re speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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>> catherine: a high school student in central california is accused of shooting at a couple of his classmates today. it happened in the town of taft. deputies say he targeted students he felt had bullied him. they say the 16-year-old used his brother's shotgun. and critically injured one of the students this morning. and fired at others before being talking into giving up.
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>> the man accused of shooting and killing 12 people at a colorado movie theatre "will" go to trial.. today a judge ruled today that there is enough evidence against james holmes to try him on more than 160-felony counts. he's due to be arraigned tomorrow - but his attorneys have filed papers saying he's not ready to enter a plea. they're expected to ask for a delay. >> vice president biden met with gun owner groups today. including n-r-a representataives. he's heading up the president's task force to fight gun violence. and they're moving fast. biden says they'll have some recommendations for the president by tuesday. it's expected that universal background checks for all gun owners could be in the mix. the n-r-a meantime. says it's disappointed with the meeting.
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>> this anti-terrorist safety feature will cost $31 million. and the budget is only $8 million. caltran that it believes that this is a critical component for its safety and it is important. here is a breakdown of the $31 million. $15.7 million, $3.2 million for the telecommunications system. the chair of the toll of 40 committee and his team want to meet with the golden gate district to try to figure out why the new bay bridge is so much higher. he believes that the c h p should a absorb some of this. because of this requested amount is so much
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more than the budgeted amount we feel that it is appropriate to investigate further tortola payers' money is well spent. that is coming from the rehabilitation bay fund with money from our toll. after the investigation this oversight could have a decision by next meeting which is later this month. the chair says that if they are not ready to approve the budget there will take the time, necessary. in oakland, alecia reed, kron
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4. >> new information tonight about damage to the bay bridge after that tanker hit it monday. this is aerial video from sky 7-h-d. and new tonight. we have learned the bar pilot that was navigating the ship at the time has tested *negative for drugs or alcohol. today we learned the damage to the base of the tower on the bridge suffered two to three million dollars in damage. and these are new pictures. you can see the worst of it right here on the fender.this is on the western span closest to treasure island. these fenders here are made of wood and plastic. you can see the damage pretty clearly. the wood is smashed in.the black plastic was pushed down into the bay. and the metal support beans and bolts were compromised. also pieces of wood splintered.this is the base of the bridge tower. the oil tanker the overseas reymar also was damaged. scrape marks and a piece of wood. officials say the fender on
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the tower that was hit by "did exactly what it was supposed to do" in protecting the bridge. the bridge is structurally sound and drivers were never in any danger. >> jacqueline: ochilly conditions. take a look of the satellite and radar with mostly dry conditions. and mostly clear skies. breezy conditions. the wind is expected to die down and temperatures in the 20's and 30's. temperatures will be several degrees warmer. in a couple of places where the wind is stronger. also for the in the valleys, low 30's in the south bay. a freeze
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warning for the north bay and the inland valleys, and the delta. this is from 2:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. with frosty conditions. you are going to want to give yourself some actor time. before you take off to work. temperatures are not recovering that well. 40's and 50's. 50s in san francisco, san mateo. 53 degrees in vallejo. as for the sierras there is that snowfall. right now, some lingering showers expected. and saturday night some snow flurries but nothing major expected as a goal for the weekend. locally, let us take a look at the cold. 20's and 30's. the high temp is really not going to be that height. we will be in the low 50s friday towards
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next week. tuesday and wednesday, could be the warmest days of the week. and that the morning lows will be a bit more comfortable but the and the valleys is still in the freezing range for next week. >> the celebrities have turned out. coming up the new gadgets. >> coming up we know who is going to be the kicker for a saturday and also terrell owens takes off his shirt...
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>> catherine: it was day three for the world's largest consumer electronics show -- happening in las vegas. lots of celebrities are showing up. among them. fifty cent, maroon five and actor danny devito. the real show however -- the new products
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that are turning heads. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us a few of the thousands of new technologies and gadgets. verizon has a computer had set for emergency responders. >> a fireman the past to go into a burning building. and some cases he does not know what is around. if the house this systematic small screen it will tell them. it will give him the ability and the knowledge to help them. and it is a computer in front of his body. providing safety. in front of his eye. >> this tablet is for a gaming. this is a gaming tablet and also a consoles you can play in tablet note. with built and handlebars joysticks. or, you can
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connect this to your television. or, use this for a pc. they have assigned this with information collected after 10,000 people were polled. gaming is going mobile. ! and you could see tablets like this. it will be on the marketplace around the month of march of $1,000. >> this is also great for photographs with smart phones. it gives you the feel of a traditional camera. and even control your camera. this is a self timer is removable, portable, with a tripod. if you want to use this with a tripod. it is available in the month of the february. still no price. coming up some bizarre products coming out like this transparent
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the man charged with dousing a woman in gasoline and setting her on fire appears in court. how is family is describing him.. and governor jerry brown rolls out his new budget plan. the cuts being made -- and how much is being spent on california schools.
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>> catherine: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. san francisco polcie are looking for a man who hit a woman with a stun gun mulitple times during an attempted robbery. the woman was reportedly waiting for a bus tuesay afternoon when the man attacked and tried to grab her phone. he then got into an s-u-v and drove off. the woman was not seriously hurt. >> the f-b-i continuing to search an abandoned well in linden for potential victims of the so-called speed freak killers. today they discovered the well which they thought was 50-feet deep. turned out to be 200-feet deep. no signs of human remains have been found. >> cal-trans and the c-h-p are asking for 31-million dollars to install a network of security cameras
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on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the bay area toll authority had originally alloted 8- million dollars for the system. experts say the bridge needs the system because it's viewed as a potential terrorist target. much like the golden gate bridge. >> the bay area is in for another night of freezing temperatures. this is video today of snow dusting the peak at mount hamilton in the south bay. from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news.. how cold will it get? jacqueline bennett is back with another look at the forecast. >> jacqueline: catherine, that system from yesterday still cross some cold temperatures. the shower activity is on the coastal area. that is how it could stay and temperatures in the 40's. 40's through daly city, fairfield, vallejo. it is getting drier and that is going to mean that cold conditions, overnight. there is one that thing and that is the wind speed. it is
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dying down a bit with 18 mph, 17 in concord. the wind speed is not going to allow temperatures to drop, significantly. however, the computer model is showing 30's and 20's. we will take a look at temperatures in your neighborhood, coming up. >> catherine: bail has been set at 10- million dollars. for a man prosecutors say is a danger to the community. accused of a crime they describe as "despicable". dexter oliver is charged with dousing his girlfriend - starr lemarre - seen here. with gasoline and then setting her on fire. she's hospitalized with third degree burns. oliver was in court today for the first time. kron-4's terisa estacio says that his family was there - defending him. >> he did not say much with his hands cuffed. he was wearing a jail ordered uniform and it was only
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speaking that he did not have enough money. he is facing 11 counts including torture. stemming from an argument with his girlfriend - starr lemarre shown here. at this laundramat. ' prosecutors say the lemarre had asked oliver to help carry over some dirty clothes. that is when he reportedly went two bottles, filled them up with gasoline, threw it at her and lit her on fire. in court following - oliver plead not guilty - lamarre's family declined to talk >> when you said someone on fire this is very serious. and when you add to that the fact that he has a history of domestic violence and that he has not learned this is an individual that is very dangerous. >> the family did not want
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to talk. >> i enjoyed seeing him but not in this circumstance. i will have to wait and see. >> we are just going to pray to god. we know that the type of thaila child the is-ande know that he is not violent. after the arraignment, but his grandmother and greatgrandmother came to his defense. hard to beleive, oliver will be back in court at the end of the month. terisa estacio kron 4 . governor jerry brown provided an $850 million surplus.
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agitation will see a significant increase. the university of california will see an additional 21 for $50 million. and k-12 also will seek a $2.7 billion increase. $250 million = university level. and there is a bit of controversy districts with low income and those that need more help learning english should get more money. >> 40% of the students are poor. or low income. and under 20 percent do not speak english as their first language and are challenged. speaking english, fluently. that means that our future depends not on them just across the board but a disproportionate funding for those schools that have
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disproportionate challenges. and i know that it is controversial but it is fair and it is the right thing to do and it is just. >> reporter: some say this is easy to pass. but there is the chance that democrats could propose additional spending but not so since the governor. he wants to maintain a reserve. for the next economic downturn that the cuts will not be as devastating as they have been over the last couple of years. dan kerman, kron 4. >> call me sentimental but a restaurant is over 120 years and that goes away and comes back for francthese four fans of these regional chef. fior d'italia is considered the
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oldest italian restaurant in america! >> we are not fussy. here, you are leaving full. >> it was better than my mother's and i thought that she was the best coke and the world. >> homemade pasta with fresh pasta every day. some of the wait staff is the same. >> they treat you like part of the family and even the customers. and the a regional concoctions. >> we make our signature martini. and also martini. negroni and these are my picks.. check out our web
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site and click on dine and dish. >> coming up is no legal to text so why is this woman getting a it is -- now legal -- however, details coming up on this strange case
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>> stocks closed higher. with a possible global economy that dow jones was up. the s&p was also a 11 points. adding a five-year high. >> the 49ers fever with the divisional playoffs. and it is less than 48 hours away. is on saturday, 5 pm look at these to be see things it is pretty cool and he has no idea what is happening. he is with the cheerleaders. and a couple of years they
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are going to see how cool it is. and this how cute! i think that is a guinea pig bonor a rabbit. we would love to see some of your pictures. send them to facebook or e-mail breaking news at kron .com >> the 49ers/packers is under 48 hours gary radnich is coming up. and terrell owns...owens..
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here's stanley roberts who found people behaving that it's legal to send and receive text messages while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle let the violations begin but wait if its legal to text behing the wheel how on earth can you possibly get a ticket while it is legal to text and receive messages you must use some form of hands free application . the key word here is hands free see your phone in you hand you cant hold your phone in your hand you cnnnot hold you phone in you hand oh oh at all that's a violation >> this is the same as a current law that his hands free for speaking. i see so many of violators and take a look. sometimes i wish i had a policeman with me but hey,
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i do. and take a look. she could not find her identification but something else >> do you know why i am stopping you? because she could not find her driver's license. it will insure that she will not try to run. was she really texting? >> i was checking a text message wild driving at a stoplight. and i got caught. while it-driving. >> you will also get caught if you do not get a voice activation text. the voice activation text app. >> just that one could save you a trip to the courthouse or save you from having to say " i got caught behaving badly ". >> and emeryville, stanley roberts kron 4 >> temperatures in the '20s and the 30's. there is of a
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frost tonight and for saturday. there are temperatures it not going to budge. cold conditions for the morning and afternoon. temperatures are going to be in the 30's. temperatures are going to drop off this evening. and i think that we are going to see cold conditions overnight. 27 in santa rosa, 28 in fairfield 27 in pleasanton, livermore, 29 and concord, and also 33 in san jose. 30's through san mateo. and these 40 reading will be in san francisco with a freeze warning. the frost advisory for the bayshore from 2:00 until 9:00 areas of frost the windshield is probably going to be frozen with
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frost. give yourself some extra time. usually it takes about a few moments. as we take a look outside. temperatures not expecting much relief. it should not be as when the tomorrow. some possible flurries expected. only 1 degree! with cold weather in store.
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temperatures in the 30's for the bayshore. for your there is new snow. take a look at the current conditions. fed >> akers... will be the starting kicker. maybe just having cundiff used as a
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scare tactic. meanwhile, the packers were practicing inside of their last practice against the 49ers. rogers, front and center. can the 49ers stop? do not let rogers >> rogers is one of the best quarterbacks in this league. and as we mentioned it is going to be an amazing game. >> aaron rogers is amazing you see what he does on the field and his performance is amazing. you cannot say enough about the guy. >> it is going to be fund. when i saw a game there what i was in college. it is going to be--fun... and a great show for the fans. >> this is very oversimplified but i think
8:51 pm
that it is down to ken kaepernick come through? if the state is too large? can call it kaepernick? kenny come through? and here is a great story. this guy was selling cars. harris. and you hear this all the time but maybe he was in there just a couple of days. but apparently he was in and out of packer camp. he could not keep a job and it was a full-time car salesman until he needed the needed him and he was called back. >> he must not have liked selling cars but he is running hoarhard. >> this is a great football player. and he is a great football player. he can play
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the game he does a good job. and i do not know what he does off the field but i am sure that he is good at that, to. >> the sauo ... seau we know that he committed suicide and this was only two years after retirement. he suffered from c t e and other players were also found that played hard and committed suicide after retirement. we cannot say enough when the object of your game is to hit someone and to be hit, this is one of those things that is going to keep coming up and up. and i know the n f l is.
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but there also a public- relations machine. they say that they are looking into it and one thing they have done. to give them credit where credit is due. when it looks like it is a helmet to helmet. it is a penalty. they are doing what they can. however, at the end of the day when junior seau... a tragedy. >> major league baseball. the day after nobody was voted into the hall of fame because of steroids. there are rumors that he also used steroids as an angel. they are going to test for human growth hormones. and the baseball as a single they're going to try that. tiger
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woods is in trouble. he used to get $3 million per year to get this exhibition game at this guitar master's. the tournament today said that he is not worth it. he is not winning like he used to. so, tiger woods was a he was told to just keep it. normally, there was a guarantee, and the people from tiger woods said that he was not interested anyway. however, with a tennis greats. they had now, it is in san jose. they are going to move to memphis but they also have to pay a guaranteed fee. agassi.. also would receive one- quarter million dollars just to show up. and he only played one match. with those
8:55 pm
guarantees, a little bit different in golf but a different story. and what ever you think, this guy is an amazing athlete terrell owens.. was on fox called stars in danger but he can dive... all of the problems that he has. unbelievable. we are back in a moment.
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>> everybody is going to be rooting for the 49ers we also found the other side. >> gary i want to ask you a question. i is one to let you know that the 49ers are going to lose. >> that was not a clear question, that was an opinion.
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